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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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taking the matter very seriously. >> i would hope the person goes to jail or there's repercussions for that, because it's a threat. >> reporter: this mom will be relieved to here that maricopa county is taking the threats very seriously. the juveniles have been slapped with felony charges, and it means jail time and electronic monitoring when they do get out, and mesa telling parents to closely monitor their children's computer activity. the live desk, the next step here is dust for fingerprints. the tube is what's being described as almost an explosive device found around route 238. the device was just about two steps away from being an actual pipe bomb. they're going to test it to see exactly what it was made of. all right, the monsoon season is not over yet.
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valley, you can see the rain coming down out there. thunder in the mix too, and let's take a live look at abc 15 desert doppler because you can see the rain falling in some of the valley cities at this hour as we zoom in and take a closer look around sun lakes, and then out toward the san tan valley. still getting showers on the radar, and they're moving a little closer toll queen creek at this hour, so to queen creek at this hour, so we'll continue to watch it over the next couple of hours. better chances in the higher terrain to the east, and where we'll most lyxulose the thunder too -- likely see the thunder too, but just a few hours left in the monsoon season, so the rain fall totals not likely to change. just about two and a half inches at sky harbor, and that's about a quarter of an inch normal, and same in the valley as well, so we are below average, and we're going to stay that way it looks like, but a slight chance at 10 percent still for the next hour to see an asian lated shower here in the valley, and --
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valley, and then it clears out. drier air moving in over the weekend, and a cold front to track next week bringing some big changes to the state, and we'll take a closer look at that coming up. forget worrying about long voting lines. some people in tempe might not find their polling place. they sent out election materials with the wrong polling place. jason is in tempe, and how did this happen? >> reporter: well, the county recorder to be the polling place, and this is the address on the election materials printed just a few days before they got approval to move the polling place about a mile down to asu's campus, and voting advocates are worried it will confuse more than 4,000 residents who might accidentally go to the knight's lodge that was mailed out.
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lodge, and knew they weren't scheduled to host a precinct. >> i think people might tend to go up if they go to the wrong polling place, especially now that as of yesterday i got another mailer in the mail, and it also had the wrong polling place on there. >> reporter: now the county recorder was available for comment today, but her office said the correct information will go out on sample ballots and they promised to send me the corrected ballot. they sent me this in an e-mail that still doesn't have the correct address. i since reached out to them and asked for the correct ballot and haven't heard back. guys, back to you. donald trump's been silent on this one. not even a tweet, after being accused of breaking the law when he aired a new campaign ad. phoenix's city attorney is crying foul saying don't use
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melissa blasius is digging further into the controversy. >> reporter: what did you notice about the quick clip? phoenix city officials worry you'll notice this. one second of a familiar bird patch. they don't want you to be misled, and say the phoenix police department does not endorse donald trump. >> regardless of level of office or political party you can't use the city of phoenix logo or on duty police officers or other city officials to give th a candidate. that's inappropriate. >> reporter: this cease and desist letter says the images on the patches are the city's she can chyle property, and the -- intellectual property, but an attorney says the legal arguments may fall short. >> candidates for public office have very wide latitude under the first amendment. the images in the ad were taken
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airport of a very public figure. >> reporter: but it wouldn't take much to compromise. >> i think a simple fix would be to blur out the patches in the ad. >> reporter: melissa blasius, abc 15. tickets arenow available online for anyone who wants to rally with trump in prescott valley on tuesday at 2:00 at prescott valley event center. doors open at 11:00, hours before the vice president nominee take it is stage for the debate. we'll have everything you need to know on d johnson will be in the valley tomorrow. he's the libertarian's party's nominee. his rally at the phoenix airport marriott. and the streets in california calm right now, but we'll continue to watching this because we know things can change quickly. hours ago they shut down the stores in that area because police released the video showing the shooting death of alfred alongo. he once called the valley home, and the businesses have been shut down for hours because
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them to close their shops early, and as you heard on world news, some events tonight in the area were canceled in an effort to keep everybody safe tonight. no arrests, but detectives do say they have leads since combing the scene of a gas station near union hills. the quite car where the -- white car where the victim sat before he was shot to death. drugs were found inside the car, and they know there was a fight before the gunman pulled the trigger. overnigh an apartment complex in the area, thinking they found the gunman, but he wasn't there. will it be a match, and who's remains have been in a commercial yard and for how long? these are the questions detectives are checking off their list after finding a second set of human remains in south phoenix about a week amart. this is where the -- apart. this is where the first remains were found near 24th avenue and broadway. they believe the remains belong to the same person, but it could take some time to identify who it is. tonight we can tell you the
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in e l mirage won't be charged. it came down to a series of distractions. the boy was on a bike chasing a dog, and the dog ran in front of the driver. she missed the dog, and while looking back to make sure that's the case she hit the boy. he has broken bones and burns and is in pretty rough shape, so the family is requesting thoughts and prayers. and in kingman, a deadly shoot out with police. what you see next could be disturbing. >> drop the gun! >> use the tazer! [ inaudible ] >> jeffery cave died, but he managed to shoot an officer right before he was shot, and that officers is now in the hospital. well, sure, it comes down to aesthetics, but also health. hickman's family farms was hit be a lawsuit saying they're
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from the business. we've been to the tonopah area and seen feathers all over the place. don't waste arizona says hickman's has to let residents know what's in the air, otherwise the family farm could be hit with fines. the business hasn't yet responded tonight. new at the live desk with so much damage left to be cleaned up, it could be two days before crews get full access to the site of the deadly train crash in new jersey. that's the world federal investigators -- new jersey. that's the word from federal investigators still trying to determine the cause. help is there in case of an election hack. arizona already warned that people have been poking around, but homeland security is reaching out to states. they have to ask for heavy duty protection to get what they need. the department says they scan key websites. some states have already done this. no word if arizona is one. and there's no telling when the big one will strike, but
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to detect potential dangerous earthquakes. the state just got the okay to double the amount of earthquake sensors, meaning there's going to be about 1100 of them. it's going to require a massive overhaul in technology. what would legalizing recreational marijuana mean for newcomers looking to get in on the business? new tonight an anti-prop 205 ad claim that is wouldn't be possible. >> reporter: the ad for responsible drug policy, an anti-pot group says weed's legalization is a monopoly. >> it's a 20-page special interest gold mine, blocking market entry for new dispensaries. >> reporter: we put it through the truth check and found it did give first dibs to medical marijuana dispensaries. >> they have the distinct
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blocked entry because the cap is 147 dispensaries. >> reporter: those looking to open new pot stores could still apply for licenses in december 2017, and the state could add an unknown number of stores in immediate demand in 2021, so the ad is rated mostly false. to see the full research visit a lot of dirty water left in the road, and an update after the driver of a car who hit a fire hydrant this morning near 19th avenue and quite the seen. crews plan to clean up the mess after rush hour tonight. the fire hydrant is fixed and no one was hurt. his threats made her angry. only on, the valley purse snatcher who met his match. and a controversial facebook post that could be the last for one man as mayor. and new clothes for valley kids. joe lets you know why it's so important and how to get
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have in common with the 2002 rams? it has to do with pressure. and an arizona mom behind
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>. breaking news into the live desk, we are just learning about an arrest in the death of a prescott valley baby. the child's mom charged with second-degree murder. angela clark is behind bars tonights, and police say she left her three month daughter alone in the bathtub for almost a half an hour. the girl was put on life support, and later died at the hospital. eyes wide open, and parents on high alert because of a creeper seen near 11th avenue and dunlap. have you seen the video? it's been almost 24 hours since we first told you about the guy, and there's been in arrest. parents say he jumped over two
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exposed himself to two little girls. he even had the nerve to show up again the next day. if you know who he is call the police. and there's a search for a man who walked into a chandler good will store and fired a gun. thankfully nobody hurt, and the store was evacuated. if you have any idea who the guy is call police. forced to resign because of controversial social media posts by a mayor in pennsylvania. west york council members call his facebook posts disgusting. one ow and a wheelbarrow with the words quote moving day at the white house has finally arrived. the mayor also shared posts that could be offensive to jews, muslims, veterans and women. many say the mayor is out on a limb and on his own. and in cincinnati, ohio, a firefighter is facing backlash for his facebook post. he wrote quote he wanted to run them down and claimed to be a racist.
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an investigation into this, and he'll be staying on the job during the investigation. in the meantime the department has released a new social media policy allowing them to discipline and even fire an employee showing bias against anyone. >. the feds shooting down part of governor ducey's plan to require medicaid recipients to work and limit coverage for five years, and he also wanted to impose a charge for those living below you may know the assistance league of phoenix as the let joe know problem solving team, but they've been doing much more. >> reporter: why would any kid not want to be a part of this? the assistance league of phoenix operation school bell putting clothes on kids who might not have them otherwise with one goal. >> we're really impacting the self-esteem of this children. on this day the league's executive director is helping
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elementary. it's the first school dressed 30 years ago. the program's grown from 36 kids then, to more than 8,000 this year getting $250 worth of clothes. >> i'm glad because i have new clothes to wear to school. >> when they have their basic needs met, not just food and shelter, but loathes, it the -- clothes, it does translate into how they can perform in school. >> my shoes are pretty and i like the socks. >> reporter: the clothes are important, but she says the interaction is what many kids think about later. >> they remember the new clothing, bullet also the care -- but also the caring volunteer. >> if you'd like to volunteer go to sections and let joe know on i'm investigator joe ducey. if you have a problem, let me know. abc 15 sports brought to
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lot better than one and three, and we know one thing, this year's cardinals team won't go 0 and 5 this season. the reason i said this is kurt warner reminded us about the the rams team that came out and last their first five games after the super bowl, and bruce arians said that's a fair comparison. >> i think he hit it on the head. with the rams when they missed the super bowl, got everybody back, and put too much pressure on themselves. i think this team is trying a little too hard, and we cut it loose one game and then the rest we pressed a little bit. >> and before that one kicks off on sunday we have a full plate of college football tomorrow. and take a look at some of the games on abc 15. texas and oklahoma state. number 8 wisconsin and number 4
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one. third ranked louisville at fifth ranked clemson. >> each one of those is a big one for somebody. >> that's true. >> for somebody. >> wisconsin? that what you're hinting at? [ laughter ] for the rest of us it's going to be a nice weekend on tap for us. >> yeah, i don't know if i can stay inside. >> enjoy the games, guys. >> and this sunday is going to be awesome weather for tailgating at university of phoenix stadium. it's going to be toasty, but the temperatures are average. kickoff at 92, the winds breezy, and we'll be done with the monsoon, but it's not going out without a fight. queen creek cam, a little rain on the lens and haze in the sky, and there's the showers on desert doppler out toward queen creek and san tan valley over the last hour or so. and the rest of valley in the clear at this hour, bullet there's a slight chance of a -- but there's a slight chance of a stray shower the next hour or two, and then we're clearing
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but overall radar trends drying out in the overnight forecast and into the win, so let's take a little bit about the hour by hour forecast. 7:00 p.m. takes us to 88 degrees, mid-80s through 8:00 and 9:00, and at that point we expect the rain chances to drop to less than 10 percent, and really clear out clearly overnight and -- completely overnight and tomorrow. 90 by lunchtime tomorrow. 96 in peoria and glendale tomorrow, gilbert and maricopa. and over the weekend the pollen count is moderate, but the allergies is ragweed and sage brush, and the uv index is running high. noon to 1:00 is the peak time through the weekend, so sun screen during that hour, and otherwise good to go. biking, hiking, running all good to go over the weekend, and hydrate, and then by monday we're really crankerring up the winds. -- cranking up the winds.
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to 25 miles per hour which could lead to some widespread dust. not major just storms, but just general dusty conditions and haze possible monday as the winds pup across much of the state, and that's -- pick up across much of the state, and that's not all, we have a cold front moving in, and phoenix mid-60s in prescott we'll look at the fore across the rest of the state and the seven-day coming up in the next half hour. explosive video and now the arrest, who's held accountability for this close -- accountable for this close call as a valley wal-mart. how is this even possible, your cell phone may actually
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests,
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because you deserve leaders you can trust. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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you dial 911 because you need help and need it dispatchers are saying it's harder than ever to get to you. back in the day tracking down an emergency was easy with land lines, but cell phones have changed the game, making it harder for emergency crews to reach people in need. dispatchers say people have the misconception that dispatchers actually know where you are, but that's not the case, and if you don't know your location it will delay emergency response time. so there's a reminder, always be aware of your location.
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a phoenix man almost killed by his own son. he got so mad at his dad he pumped him in the -- punched him in the spine right after he had spinal surgery. the dad blacked out until the next day and was then beaten again. she wasn't going to take it, in fact she helped take down a purse thief, and almost risked her the surveillance alone will make an impact, but police just released one more piece of evidence to help catch what might be a serial robber. and the abc 15
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we're barack obamaing a developing -- we're tracking a developing story. crews out there trying to help an injured hiker in the valley.
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cave creek. res -- mountain near cave creek. rescue crewed reached her and helped her walk down. she's on her way to the hospital. and a creep willing to do anything for a woman's purse. >> but he picked the wrong woman to target. >> he says you have to get out, and i said no, i'm not getting out. you're staying here until the cops get here. >> chris grow from a fry's on olive. >> reporter: you may not think much of colleen when you meet her, but that's the mistake one creep made. >> little old ladies are not so little and they're not going to take it anymore. >> reporter: she was making a sunday grocery wrong. >> something as simple as milk. >> reporter: cops say then this creep did the unthinkable, pushing her to the floor and nabbing her purse. the only problem is he ripped off the wrong woman.
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believe to her. >> reporter: she had a broken back, but thanks to a rush of adrenaline, she rushed to his car and got in. >> he said i'd get hurt if i didn't get out, and i got even madder and said you're not going anywhere. >> reporter: his reaction? >> he was pretty much scared of me at that time i think because he had an oh my god look on his face. >> reporter: she must have put just enough he gave her back the purse and took off. >> i'm just a natural fighter. it just irritates me that if it's mine, you're not having it. >> reporter: and the man is fighting charges of robbery, endangerment and assault. chris grow, abc 15. it's been months since more than a hundred lives were put at risk inside this phoenix wal- mart. you may remember the video, somebody setting off fireworks
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the police say it was this guy, and actually the two people he was with that gave him up. not at first, but they later came clean. the surveillance video is powerful and gives a good idea of what happened inside this hand and stone massage spa in anthem, but it could be hard to see the guy's face, so deputies put out the sketch. they believe he's behind a string of robberies in the city. the video was from august 31st. call mcso if you have any and from the live desk this year, it's been a day filled with deadly police shooting videos, but now we're waiting for more. new since 5:00 we learned it's probably going to be a week. officers in charlotte say they'll release all the video, and the department has made arrangements with the family to review the footage together, but it won't happen until next week, and the video is expected to be released shortly after that. the shooting sparked riots in
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>> there was no way in hell paul babeu did not know what was going on. this former student says she's sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie about his role at a massachusetts boarding school. >> abc 15 investigator dave biscobing traveled to new york so this student could share her story. >> reporter: by now you've either seen the stories or paul babeu's time at the boarding school is dogging his campaign. last week he defiantly denied responsibility for the abuse at the school. tonight it's babeu's repeated denials that has this woman speaking out. >> it's terrorizing. still today. >> reporter: the punishments still haunt hilary. forced to is it facing a corner. completely isolated for weeks.
6:34 pm
months to do manual labor on what's called the farm. >> i knew my life was over. i was in hell. >> reporter: here's what paul babeu now says about the students. >> >. many of the kids has been incarcerated, expelled from schools. this was their last chance. >> reporter: why did your parents send you to the system? >> i had an eating disorder. >> reporter: in a news conference babeu dropped hundreds of pages of state investigation. >> my complete and full innocence. he was headmaster. he came to see me while i was on the farm, watched me be in the corner. >> reporter: did he ever step in and say enough is enough? >> oh no. >> reporter: these pages document abusive, dangerous, inhumane discipline. the exact discipline babeu
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video. but hilary says babeu's involvement goes deeper despite his repeated denial. >> paul babeu had no decision in these. >> garbage. he sat in meetings. >> reporter: they say discipline was always approved by vote. >> everyone had to go in a circle, and if everybody agreed it would happen. >> reporter: so everyone had to agree, meaning he voted yes? >> yes. >> reporter: decided factor. you knew all about it in the. >> i was there as the business manager. i sad that from day one. as a cop, just as a person, i would never allow actual abuse. >> it makes me sick to hear that. for him to do anything other than completely own that, it makes me sick. >> reporter: i talked with hilary several times in the days since the interview, and she says it's been difficult
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for two reasons, one to hold paul babeu accountable, and the second is raising awareness about institutional abuse still happening across the country. dave biscobing, abc 15 news. well, it's the last day of the monsoon. we're just hours away from it ending, and so far it's been a below averageman season. the totals -- average monsoon season. the totals not likely to go up in the next few days. sky harbor is just shy of two and a half inching, nearly quarter inch below average. the only month above average was the month of august with over an inch and a quarter of rain. the wettest locations across the valley, much more for some of you. state route 51 in thomas got over five inches, as did i-17 and camelback. here's what we're tracking at this hour. not much left in the valley. just a few spotty showers starting to clear out farther
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florence junction. we'll keep tracking them here for you, and in the meantime we dry things out into the weekend, and we'll talk about what to expect hour by hour tomorrow coming up. there's a few reasons an athlete can get disqualified from a competition, but for lip moisturizer? hear from the athlete who's lips cost his big time. and the arsonist caught on camera for a brief moment. the dead give away that helped authorities and an incredible
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and new tonight a dog is finally home after going missing for days. we have quite a story to tell, but no way of actually doing it. the man is happy the dog is okay, but came back with staples on his back where someone removed his microchip. he say it is dog ran away
6:41 pm
received calls from someone saying they knew where the dog was, but wouldn't give up the information. after days of searching he got a call from pet smart where the dog was left after surgery. the owner now wants to find whoever is responsible and press charges. so who could do something like this? dump gasoline on the doors of a church, then light it up? it happened in fort pierce, florida. the man was caught on camera doing the unthinkable in the middle of somehow the flames didn't spread inside the church, but people nearby recognized him from his slipper and told did thes exactly where to -- detectives exactly where to find him. and get ready to slow down or get a ticket in some valley areas. new red light cameras being fired up. and the monsoon is coming to an end and we're drying out. the 80s tonight, and we'll see highs in the 80s in the seven-
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dancing with the stars is. coming to the valley. when and where they'll dance into town. and the united states jumps
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all right, to chandler new where two more red light cameras are set to start snapping traffic violators, bringing the city's total up to nine intersections with photo enforcement in place. megan thompson is in chandler for when this reactivation will start up. >> reporter: these cameras have already been up at intersections like this one, but the city is now under a new contractor, so this one at alma school and queen creek and another at rural is getting reactivated and crews were out there morning getting them ready for the big event tomorrow. they're just giving out warnings for now, up until october 30th. the next day is the real deal,
6:46 pm
violation, and many people we talked to have had to pay up themselves. one man said he thinks it's annoying, but the annoyance is worth the safety. >> i think it makes you more aware and less likely to kind of cheat the edge. >> reporter: the two new editions join the seven others fully operational since june. if you want to track all the locations in chandler we have a detailed map on our website, change is coming for internet unless it's stopped by four republican state attorney generals, including ours. they're rying to stop the obama -- trying to stop the obama administration from transferring oversight of internet. since 1998, the department of commerce has overseen all domain names, but the contract ends at midnight.
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super bowl of your activity and then can't because of chap stick. he thought he was going to the iron man in hawaii, but smith was told he was disqualified for outside assistance during the race, all because his wife gave him chap stick. >> when they originally told me at first going through my head is a very long list of words that would probably make a sailor blush. >> among 26 pages of 2016 man competition rules it's written each athlete must compete without receiving assistance from other parties, but he wants to make it clear it wasn't performance enhancing chap stick, just the regular kind [ laughter ] >> those lips, it's more air dynamic, i get it. and history already made at this year's rider cup, the united states doing something they haven't done in 41 years, they swept the opening session,
6:48 pm
because the americans haven't taken home the cup since 2008, but the europeans finished the day strong in the four ball session, winning three of the four afternoon matches capped off by the eagle from rory on 16. he's fired up as the europeans are right back in it, but as it stands the united states is still holding a 5-3 lead after day one of the rider cup. no hecklers >> yeah, you feel like a cardinals fan. >> right, feels so good at the beginning. >> but nothing nerve wracking about the forecast. >> right, no the only thing stressing me out is a hurricane for the east coast, but for us it's all clear and quiet for the next several days. we're ening the monsoon tonight and we have just a few showers to track out toward queen creek
6:49 pm
terrain up along the rim, but we're starting to dry out pretty quickly now that the sun is setting. still in the 90s. 91 at sky harbor, winds breezy, 15 miles per hour at the airport, and 10 to 15 in glendale, mesa, chandler, but the breezes back up this evening, and stay relatively light tomorrow. 09 in glendale, 90 in goodyear, and pier and deer valley at 89. scottsdale at 90. and casa grande at 88 too. mid-60s in sedona and payson, and tonight these spots down into the 50s. lows in the 50s along the rim under mostly cloudy skies, and the 70s to the west the with highs tomorrow in the 90s. kingman hits 86, and flagstaff the coolest spot tomorrow at 67. payson at 79, and globe and safford hitting the mid to upper 80s. here's the valley, lows tonight in the 70s. 72 in gilbert and charge, and
6:50 pm
scottsdale, and then highs at 95 in apache junction, and in the west valley, 95 degrees in goodyear, avondale, and litchfield park and peoria and glendale ask the 96. gorgeous morning. 70s through 8:00 a.m. mid-80s at 10:00, 90s at noon, and then the mid-90s in the afternoon more or less near average. futurecast showing the weekend staying pretty the next low pressure system is coming down the california coastline early next week bringing big changes to the forecast. a cold front coming through dropping us 10 degrees into monday, and breezes start to pick up sunday, but get stronger monday, and it's going to be windy across northern arizona throughout the day monday as well. there's the lows too. low 60s for tuesday and wednesday in phoenix, solutes of other valley spots at that point seeing the first 50s of the season. a major move by congress
6:51 pm
cover in vitro fertilization. it costs about $10,000, so after a year of advocating for change, congress listened to one denver couple. tyler and crystal wilson. they were trying to conceive, but couldn't do so naturally because tyler is paralyzed. >> even though it's 100 percent related to the fact that tyler was paralyzed during combat, there was no coverage for it >> so after battling it out, congress will not cover the cost, but only for a year. thankfully this couple started ivf treatment in january, and are now expecting this march. healthy is the world that we're supposed -- word that we're supposed to look for in the grocery store aisles, but what does it mean? the government needs your help to find out. the fda wants specific answers. they're checking out saturated fats, salts, and sugars and
6:52 pm
what's considered quote unquote healthy food, head to the fda's website. set brought the weekend with free stuff. there's free dental care for kids october 8th. >> you have to make an appointment. >> it's gardening season, and get free seeds at the libraries listed. >> you'll node compost for the garden, and the city of tempe is giving it away from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. bring your own bags for containers and get as much as you want. everything is listed on under the smart shopper page. and pumpkins popping up, and tomorrow the farms in glendale is kicking off the fall season with a pumpkin patch and corn maze.
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up space? consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. it's the annual recycle your bicycle. you can drop off a bike at any of the different 20 earnhardt location, volunteer to help fix up the bikes or donate money. there's a full list on swinging into the valley. dancing with the stars will soon tango, waltz and jivet it goes down saturday, february 11th. tickets go on sale monday at 10:00 a.m., but you can get the pre-sale tickets right now. here's tonight's prime time line up on abc 15. new shows including last man
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers.
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z24qjz zvpz y24qjy yvpy >> reporter:back, we're out -- welcome back, we're out here with the coach, join us on facebook. >> the facebook! >> reporter: yes, we'll talk at 7:00 straight up, so join us on arizona's facebook page. >> on the facebook. >> reporter: can they him [ laughter ] the man who put jodi arias
6:57 pm
his own. the punishment he's facing. and we have a former police officer's take on the dramatic body camera out of kingman after cops kill a man in his doorway. and how arizona brewers are using sewage water to make beer? >> stop. >> there's the seven-day forecast. the monsoon ends in just hours! mid-90s through the weekend. stronger breezes and windy conditions up north on monday as we a cold front coming in and will drop the lows too. 60 in phoenix by tuesday morning. much of the rest of the valley in the 50s at that point, so dare i say chilly in the valley? >> yes! >> sweater weather i believe is what we call it. that's fair right?
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hey, joe, you're a car guy. what do you think of self-driving cars? i don't like 'em. i mean, you don't know who to give the finger to. all right, gentlemen, broncos-chargers game this sunday, mike's house, right? any questions? i got one. yeah? did you just invite people to my house? yeah, well, that's where we watched the chargers game last season. the broncos went on to win the super bowl, so this year, we're going to do everything the same way. sounds like fun. yeah, but not for you. you're not coming. i'm sorry. you weren't there last year. it's my house. if i don't want joe there, it's not because he's bad luck. it's because i don't like him. now i know who to give the finger to. you're coming. but if the broncos lose, it's your ass.


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